Microcrystalline Beeswax


Fabulous is what most beader’s say after using this wax. Used to lubricate thread, it leaves a slightly sticky coating on the thread so it makes beading go more smoothly. Due to it being synthetic it does not cause the problems associated with natural beeswax, namely yellowing and breaking down.

It comes in a 2.5 ounce plastic cup.
To use it most people cut a V in one side of the cup to run the thread through.
Turn the cake of wax in the cup as it gets used.
Other options are to take it our of the cup and cut into quarters using one quarter at a time.
After waxing your thread run your fingers over the thread to remove any excess you may have picked up.
As you use the thread you may want to rewax as you go to keep the thread conditioned.
Unlink natural beeswax it remains softer in cold weather and cooler climates, making it easier to use.
Keeps your thread from tangling, making the process of beading more enjoyable,
Will not yellow over the course of time like natural beeswax does, so your beadwork will not be changed over time by the use of this product.

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