Delica Beaded Jewelry by Alice Korach


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“It’s flattering that Miyuki asked for a book of projects to introduce their new size 10/0 Delica beads. And that is exactly what this book accomplishes. Alice wondered why there was a need for an in-between size of Delica beads. Size 11/0 Delicas have been available for about 15 years & size 8/0 Delicas (or 3mm) for about 10 years. Sure, it’s a bit large if you want to weave a detailed pictorial tapestry, but it’S a wonderful size for jewelry projects with more abstract designs. It wasn’t until Alice actually began working on her designs, however, that she discovered how much she LOVES this new size bead. We hope you’ll enjoy the projects in this book as much as we know you’ll like size 10/0 Delicas. Softcover, 35 pages, measures 8.5″ x 11″.”


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