#6202/6228 Swarovski Crystal Xilion Heart Pendant


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Unmatched brilliance radiating from its increased number of facets and complex patterning make the Xilion Heart Pendant a remarkable component that will work across a variety of designs. Use the classic shape and perfect geometry to create harmonious designs in a great variety of sizes, colors, and effects. Use the Xilion Heart Pendant as an eye-catching centerpiece to make romantic pieces dazzle as much as sleek designs. Like all pendants, its hole features rounded edges that facilitate many application possibilities, protect the thread from wear, and increase the longevity of the piece.
Swarovski Crystal is lead free and compliant with international standards.
Offered in 10.3 x 10.0 mm, 14.4 x 14.0 mm, 18.0 x 17.5 mm, 28.0 mm, and 40.0 mm.

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Amethyst, Aquamarine AB, Crystal Moonlight, Crystal Rosaline Gold, Crystal Vitrail Light, Dark Indigo, Fuchsia AB, Fuchsia Lemon, Light Amethyst AB, Light Rose, Light Sapphire, Padparadscha, Padparadscha AB, Rose AB, Tanzanite, Topaz

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10.3 x 10.0 mm, 14.4 x 14.0 mm, 18 x 17.5 mm, 28.0 mm