#5328 Swarovski Crystal Xilion Bicone Bead – Vintage Rose


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The Swarovski #5328 Bicone Bead is the most popular Swarovski bead sold. It has universally been Swarovski’s best-selling bead since it was created. Its Xilion faceting pattern contributes to the beads outstanding brilliance and light reflection, while its universally renowned shape adds to the beads application and use appeal. The Swarovski #5328 is ideal for virtually any design, and has been seen as a key component with jewelry designs, home decor, embellishments, crafts, and more.

The Swarovski Bicone Beads have a smooth hole drilled through their center that does not cut the thread running through them. Their color consistency and brilliance offered by these beads provides an unmatched appeal.

#5301 (the previous cut to the #5328), if in stock, may be shipped. Most customers do not have a preference because the difference in faceting is so slight, but if you require the #5328 specifically, please make a note on your order during checkout

Swarovski #5328 Bicone Beads are made of “Advanced Crystal” and are lead free and compliant with international standards.
 Offered in 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm, and 10.0 mm. 

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Vintage Rose, Vintage Rose AB, Vintage Rose AB2X, Vintage Rose Purple Haze

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3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm