#1201 Swarovski Crystal X-Large Chaton Round Stone


  • Offered in 2x Sizes
  • Sold Individually


The Swarovski Dentilles #1201 are spectacular in their size, brilliance and structural appeal. The crystal features a fully faceted top that provides for world-class light reflection. These large round stones have a pointed back, but the back is more shallow than other standard Swarovski chatons, allowing designers to achieve brilliance with shallower surfaces or cavities. Swarovski large chatons are used primarily in jewelry settings, castings and molds.  They are used primarily in jewelry and is usually set in jewelry settings by glue, or mechanically, or set in castings.


Swarovski Beads are made of “Advanced Crystal” and are lead free and compliant with international standards.

X-Large Round Chaton.  Offered in 27.0 mm and 35.0 mm.


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27.0 mm, 35.0 mm

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Crystal Cathedral, Crystal Heliotrope, Crystal Purple Haze, Crystal Terra, Crystal Vitrail Light, Crystal Vitrail Medium, Crystal Volcano, Majestic Blue, Ultra Blue, Ultra Blue AB, Ultra Citrine AB, Ultra Emerald AB, Ultra Lime, Ultra Lime AB, Ultra Orange, Ultra Orange AB, Ultra Pink, Ultra Pink AB, Ultra Purple, Ultra Ruby AB