#4678 Swarovski Crystal Solaris Fancy Stone – Crystal Lilac Shadow


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The #4678 Swarovski Solaris Fancy Stone features a finely detailed design from Swarovski. Its eight precise sides and three-tiered structure is comprised of an array of 24 facets that brings excellence in the stone’s brilliant and shape-driven appeal. It has a cushioned back (not flat) and has foiling on the back (except when opaque).

The Solaris Fancy Stone can be glued into adapted cavities or onto flat surfaces, sewn on when placed into sew-on settings, or soldered when in settings. A matching setting is available with a variety of platings and hole or no hole configurations.

Swarovski Crystal is lead free and compliant with international standards.


Offered in 8.0 mm, 14.0 mm, and 23.0 mm.

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14.0 mm, 23.0 mm