WireLace Italian Ribbon


30 COLORS – 4 SIZES: 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, & 12mm

Discontinued Sizes: 2.5mm & 20mm

Nickel-free, Waterproof, Heat Resistant
String, knot, braid or expand to create lacy waves

*Please Note: All items cut to order are non-returnable.



WireLace is a tubular mesh ribbon woven with very fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminum and bonded with an enamel coating to create a variety of colors. This unique tubular wire mesh ribbon is nickel-free, waterproof and heat resistant so it can be baked directly into polymer clay and used in other low heat projects (under 265 degrees).

WireLace is soft, and lustrous, feels like ribbon on the skin, but can be stretched wider, nearly 3x its original size, giving it unique and desirable design properties. It can also be twisted and knotted, and pulled over armatures made of wire, plastic, or, well, the sky’s the limit really!

The 1mm is different than the 3, 6, or 12mm,  in that it is not a tube but a flat ribbon of woven wire.  The 3mm is the newest addition to the sizes available.  It is similar to the 6 & 12mm, in that it is a tube and can be ruffled.  The 6mm is the most popular size.   30′ or 150′ spools are available on a special order basis.


You can string beads and jump rings onto it, weave wire into it, afix Swarovski® Flatbacks to it, you can run rat tail and other types of ribbon and string material inside of the 6 and 20mm sizes, you can put supported beads inside of the 6 and 20mm sizes, (best if on beading wire or thread first to keep the beads from herniating out of the mesh). One popular new design even has wire woven into it to add structure, very clever idea! You can create folds, waves, pleats, whatever comes to mind, really this product is very versatile.

Note: WireLace will shrink in length when it is ruffled out, just a feature of physics, so when you are planning what length to purchase please keep this in mind. We have found that a 3 foot piece will generally make a reasonable necklace length. If you want something longer, like an opera length, or a lariat and are planning to ruffle out the Wirelace, then be sure and allow extra length for your project.

And to finish this amazing product we have bell end caps. These make a professional looking ending to go into your clasp.  Alacarte Clasps are an excellent way to end your piece, giving it a very special and color coordinated look.

Wirelace Has been featured regularly in beading and jewelry making publications such as Bead and Button, Beadwork, Wire Jewelry, Lapidary Journal, Bead Unique, Bead Style and more!

Offered in 1, 2.5, 3, 6, 12, and 20 mm. 

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Aluminum, Aqua, Azure, Black, Blush, Brass, Burgundy, Chocolate, Cocoa, Copper, Dusty Rose, Emerald, Grass, Lilac, Marigold, Merlot, Navy, Ocean Mist, Olive, Pale Gold, Pale Silver, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Rust, Seafoam, Silver Blue, Tangerine, Tanzanite, Titanium, Turquoise

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1.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 6.0 mm, 12.0 mm, 20.0 mm