One-G Beading Thread




This high tech thread is from the Toho Bead Company, and is stronger and more shred-resistant than any other nylon thread on the market.

It’s considered more manageable and easier to thread into a needle. It doesn’t tangle as much and when it does wrap around itself, it’s a fairly simple matter to untangle it; it doesn’t end up a mess of knots.

To me it feels like a cross between Nymo and Fireline. Toho One G now comes in one size only called Size 0 which is similar in size to a C-Lon or Nymo size B.

Available in 22 colors & three sizes:  50, 125, & 250 yds.  Check out our custom color sets!

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Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, Cream, Deep Green, Gray, Green, Light Gray, Light Khaki, Light Lavender, Light Yellow, Mauve, Mint Green, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sand Ash, White

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50 yds, 125yds, 250 yds