One-G Beading Thread Sets




This high tech thread is from the Toho Bead Company, and is stronger and more shred-resistant than any other nylon thread on the market.

It’s considered more manageable and easier to thread into a needle.  It doesn’t tangle as much and when it does wrap around itself, it’s a fairly simple matter to untangle it; it doesn’t end up a mess of knots.

To me it feels like a cross between Nymo and Fireline.  Toho One-G comes in three sizes 50, 125, & 250 yds.

In addition to our five custom color sets using 50 yd bobbins available also are two assorted color sets of 12x 50 yd bobbins.


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Beadweaver's Special, Country, Neutral, Warm, Woodland, Assorted #1, Assorted #2