Hana Beading Thread


  • Each spool is 100M (109yds)
  • 100% Nylon
  • 330 DTEX
  • Pre-Waxed


Hana thread is consistent with other similar types of Japanese nylon beading thread in terms of quality, strength and performance.      Available in a more saturated array of colors. It is colorfast, fray resistant, no-ply, very strong and pre-waxed 100% nylon. The brighter, unique colors will add accents and complexity to your work.

This beautiful thread has a slight tooth to it, making it less slick, and since it does not stretch or fray it’s a great choice for laddering and bead weaving! It pairs with a Size 12 Beading Needle and can be singed using an Ultra Thread Zap.

Hana spools are 100 meters (109yds) , available in 12 colors.


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Acorn Brown, Black, Bone, Fern, Goldenrod, Goldfish, Koi Red, Pebble Grey, Pool Blue, Sakura Pink, Violet, White