C-Lon Thread




C-Lon Thread
With it’s glossy finish and rich colors, C-Lon Beading thread will hold up well over time and not break down due to needle or bead abrasion as fast as other threads.

C-Lon Beading Thread has better durability than any of the lightweight parallel-fiber threads such as Nymo, without the stiffness sometimes found with the heavily-coated fishing-type lines. It has almost no stretch and can be used for many different purposes including loom warping and weaving, Peyote stitch, netting, or any other multi-pass bead stitches.

Size D (Tex 45) is suitable for use with Delicas, 11/0s, 10/0s, or larger beads. A spool holds appx. 72 yards.
Size AA (Tex 35) has appx. 75 yards in a spool, and is thinner (so not as strong as D), and is best for 15/0s as well as Delicas.
If your beading technique includes pulling thread through the same bead many times, then the AA is preferable. We use both sizes here and choose based on the stitch and bead size(s).

Dye Lots: Please keep in mind that dye lots do change and as with yarn, we can’t guarantee that a color produced next year will be identical to one produced last week.

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Ash, Avalon Mist, Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Capri Blue, Charcoal, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Cream, Dark Cream, Dark Green, Gold, Golden Yellow, Gray, Green, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Copper, Light Orchid, Olive, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple, Rose, Red, Royal Blue, Sea Foam, Sienna, Sky Blue, Tan, Teal, Turquoise Blue, White