Long Magatamas – #315 Burgundy Gold Luster


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Long Magatamas are fun shaped beads that are similar to drop beads in that the hole is at the top of a drop of glass, but the drop is somewhat flattened and rounded at the base, giving it a pleasing shape. Perfect for ending tassels, excellent for use in bead embroidery and charm bracelets. The magatama shape has historical significance in Japan.

Miyuki size 4x7mm Long Magatama seed beads are packaged in 2×3″ plastic bags, holding approximately 25 grams.
There are around 8 beads per gram so a bag holds approximately 200 beads.

Prices are discounted by volume, buy more bags of the same color and get a deeper discount. If you purchase 10 bags you will receive a 250 gram bulk bag, which may need to be special ordered, and may take additional time to ship.

Miyuki beads are made to exacting standards, so you can count on their consistency.