Wayfarer Earrings by Penny Dixon: Starman’s Trendsetter Pattern


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  •  2 CzechMates® Cabochons (CC)
  • 24 Prong Beads (PB)
  •  8 Firepolish, 2mm, Color a (FP2a)
  •  24 Firepolish, 2mm, Color b (FP2b)
  •  8 Firepolish, 4mm (FP4)
  • 1g TOHO 11° Seed Beads (SB)
  •  2g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds,
  • Color a (DRa)
  • 1g TOHO 11° Demi Rounds,
  • Color b (DRb)
  • 6lb Fireline
  • 1 pair of earwires


Oxidized Bronze:

  • CzechMates® Cabochon Silver (396-06-27000);
  • Prong Bead Oxidized Bronze (395-35-15765);
  • Firepolish 2mm Mirror-Orchid (1-02-K5203);
  • Turquoise-Bronze Picasso (1-02-BT6313);
  • Firepolish 4mm Metallic Suede-Pink (1-04-79086);
  • 11º TOHO Seed Beads Nickel (TR-11-711);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round Nickel (TN-11-711);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round Gold-Lustered Hydrangea (TN-11-206).


  • CzechMates® Cabochon Saturated Metallic Riverside (396-06-77050);
  • Prong Bead Saturated Metallic Riverside (395-35-77050);
  • Firepolish 2mm Sueded Gold Jonquil (1-02-MSG8010);
  • Sueded Gold Med Amethyst (1-02-MSG2004);
  • Firepolish 4mm Luster-Transparent Amethyst (1-04-15726);
  • 11º TOHO Seed Beads Metallic-Lapis Blue (TR-11-YPS0084);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round Nickel (TN-11-711);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round PermaFinish-Galvanized Aluminum (TN-11-PF558).


  • CzechMates® Cabochon Matte-Metallic Bronze Copper (396-06-KO178);
  • Prong Bead Pacifica–Fig (395-35-PS1008);
  • Firepolish 2mm Copper Penny (1-02-275);
  • Sueded Gold Rosaline (1-02-MSG7010);
  • Firepolish 4mm Halo–Azurite (1-04-29266);
  • 11º TOHO Seed Beads Metallic–Island Paradise (TR-11-YPS0079);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round Matte–Color Iris–Teal (TN-11-706);
  • 11º TOHO Demi Round DK Bronze (TN-11-222).

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