Dagger Duo Bracelet by L. Jordan: Starman’s Trendsetter Pattern


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Dagger Duo Bracelet designed by Lisa Jordan (Pattern).

“This fringed bracelet features the latest beads from Starman and TOHO. The TOHO Takumi Large Hole seed beads have an extra wide hole for more thread passes and a lighter weight than a round seed bead. The Starman Mini Dagger is the smallest member of the dagger family and features the traditional pointed shape and flat side along the hole. Together with the Genuine SuperDuo, this bracelet is makes a double-edged fringe that is as fun to wear as it is to make.”

Materials Needed:

TOHO Takumi Large Hole Seed Beads 9°

  •  80 SuperDuos
  •  78 Mini Daggers 2.5/6mm
  •  TOHO One-G Thread
  • Clasp of Choice
Colors Shown: 41-36-79032, 41-36-79051;
364-25-29266, 364-25-29267; TTR-09-204

Please Note: Patterns are Free with any minimum $15.00 order.



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