Chrysanthemum Bracelet by Starman: Starman’s Trendsetter Pattern


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This lovely bracelet pattern combines CzechMates 2-Hole Crescent and Lentil beads to form a puffy dimensional flower.




  • CzechMates® CrescentTM (new colors to be announced)
  • CzechMates® Lentil Metallic Suede Lt. Green (366-06-79051)
  • 6mm Round Metallic Suede Gold (5-06-79080)
  • TOHO Round 11/0 Nickel (TR-11-711)
  • TOHO Round 8o Inside-Color Aqua/Gold Lined (TR-08-284)


Each flower measures approx. 1” Bracelet measures approx. 7” in length

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