Zola Elements: Light Tortoise Shell




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Donut Chandelier 27mm, Freeform Cut Focal 16x28mm, Elongated Oval Focal 9x28mm, Triangle Focal 16x21mm, Open Drop Focal 22x31mm, Stick Drop 3x39mm, Ring 24mm, Rectangle Link 14x10mm, Rectangle Donut 22x49mm, Oval Ring 15x22mm, Oval Donut 27x44mm, Coin Link 20mm, Coin Link 14mm, Coin Charm 20mm, Coin Charm 14mm, Matte Rectangle Donut 22x49mm, Matte Oval Ring 15x22mm, Matte Stick Drop 3x39mm, Matte Acetate Rectangle Link 14x10mm, Matte Oval Donut 27x44mm, Matte Coin Charm 20mm, Matte Coin Link 14mm, Matte Coin Charm 14mm, Matte Ring 24mm


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