11/0 Miyuki Rounds with Czech Coatings


  • 2×3 Bag with 25 grams


Seed beads are tiny pieces of glass cane that have been heated until they are smooth. Available in hundreds of colors and many finishes, they are the “paint” of your loom and off-loom beadwork.

Most seed beads commonly in use today are manufactured in Japan and the Czech Republic. Japanese seed beads are generally more consistent in shape and have larger holes than Czech seed beads, allowing more passes of thread. Miyuki beads are made to exacting standards, so that you can count on their consistency.

Seed beads are sized by number – the higher the number, the smaller the bead. For example, size 15 seed beads are smaller than size 8.

Prices are discounted by volume, buy more bags of the same product and receive a deeper discount.

Size 11/0 Round are packaged in 25 gram bags. Approximately 110 beads/gram = 2750 beads/bag.

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Crystal Apricot Medium, Crystal Magic Purple, Lava Red Metallic Matte