Flamenco Clasp Gold


Rhythmic swirls and intricate curves will get your creative juices pulsating with this three-strand clasp. Express your passion by gluing in two 6x8mm pointback or flatback crystals, cabochons, or gemstones. The clasp comes with 16 glued-in clear Swarovski crystals adding a lively sparkle ole!

Select the color of stones you want to add to your clasp from our collection of Swarovski Stones in the main menu or for the 4100 folder Click Here or for the 2190/4 folder Click Here.

Crystals needed:

2 – 6x8mm pointback or flatback #4100 or #4120 Swarovski stones, or same sized cabs of semi-precious, gemstones, or other material. Really the sky is the limit, just as long as the chosen pieces are 6x8mm.

Tools needed:

Jewelers Tweezers and 2 Part Epoxy, 5 minute, clear drying.

How to:

Mix glue per instructions. Before you glue, for safety, remove the clasp connector. Apply the glue to the recessed area where the crystal will sit in the clasp, not on the crystal. Set in the crystal and adjust to make sure the crystal is level.

Helpful hints:

Use museum putty to hold the clasp in place. And, instead of tweezers, try using a toothpick with a tiny bit of museum putty or beeswax rolled on one tip. It will stick to the crystal so you can position it, releases easily and leaves no residue.

If you get glue on the crystal or clasp dampen a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol, wring out the excess, and use it to clean off glue before it has set-up. If the glue has set-up it will not work.


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