Baguette Clasp Gold Plated


A mesmerizing design of six baguette crystals all neatly framed in this exquisite three-strand nickel-free clasp. Whether you intermingle colors or choose one, simply glue-in the crystals of your choice for a result that is undeniably impressive.

Select the stones for this clasp from our selection of Swarovski Stones in the Swarovski Folder.

Crystals Needed:

6 3x3mm Baguette Shape Style #4501

Tools Needed:

Jewelers Tweezers and Two-part Epoxy, 5minute, clear.

How to:

Mix glue per instructions, apply to inside bezel areas on clasp (not on the crystal). Set in crystal and adjust to make sure the crystal is level.

Helpful Hints:

Instead of tweezers, use a toothpick with a tiny bit of museum putty or beeswax rolled up on the tip. It will stick to the crystal so you can position it and releases easily.

If you get glue on the crystals or clasp, dampen (squeeze out all the excess) a Q-Tip in isopropyl alcohol to remove. This only works if the glue has not set-up.

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