Heavy Metal Round Seed Bead – Purple


  • Offered in: 8/0, & 11/0
  • Quantity Discounts!


These beads are all metal, starting out with a brass base, and then the various highly durable finishes are added. They are very uniform in size and are a much more rounded bead compared to the Japanese glass beads which are generally more cylinder shaped.

Due to their shape they can be especially handy for projects that require the beads to snug up against each other, for a close fit.

Remember, they are all metal, and the edges can be more severe than glass beads. We recommend using Fireline or similar stringing material. Beading threads, such as C-Lon or Nymo are not a good choice of stringing material to use when constructing projects made mostly out of these beads.

For quantity discounts, see the price schedule.

  • Size 8/0 Round are packaged in 25 gram bags.  Approximately 19 beads/gram = 475 beads/bag.
  • Size 11/0 Round are packaged in 25 gram bags.  Approximately 48 beads/gram = 1200 beads/bag.
  • Size 15/0 Round are packaged in 10 gram bags.  Approximately 190 beads/gram = 1900 beads/bag.




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