Paros Par Puca – Light Coral Tweedy OP


Arcos are 3-holed, crescent moon shaped beads.
• 5x10mm.
• 5 beads per gram.
• 10 grams per bag.

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Kheops®, Arcos®, Minos®, Ios®, Tinos®, Super-Khéops® and Amos® are beads designed by Puca®, a renowned French designer of beads and its jewels in the pure tradition of French elegance, and of which we are an authorized reseller. 

The selection of shapes gives beaders a wide range of shapes to work with, inventive!

 These Bohemian glass beads and cabochons are made in the Czech Republic which is a guarantee of excellence. The innovative concept of these beads is distinguished by their irreproachable quality and their particular forms that allow infinite combinations of assembly.  Free tutorials using beads by Puca® are also available in this section. 

Les perles par Puca® – Paris is a trademark of a small family business Francois Parent, which is based in France. After more than 12 years of experience and cooperation with forefront bead manufacturers, they decided to create their own exclusive line Puca®, which was designed by a French designer named Puca.

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