#1088 Xirius Pointback Chaton Round Stone

The #1088 Swarovski Xirius Pointed Back stones are the most brilliant chaton in the industry. It is the closest to a gemstone-like cut, utilizing the science of geometry to its fullest extent: high-precision, quality-controlled geometrical and optical measuring, and state-of-the-art technology. Swarovski #1088 round stones have a pointed back and a multi-faceted top. The #1088 Xirius features platinum pro foiling on the back, bringing enhanced color reflection and durability to this Swarovski round stone.

Swarovski chatons are used primarily in jewelry settings, castings and cupchain. It is fully faceted on the top crystal part of the stone. The back part of the stone comes to a point, and usually has a platinum pro foiling on the back (unless unfoiled) for color reflection and enhanced durability. It can easily be glued into a cavity or manually set into a setting. It is used primarily in jewelry and is usually set in jewelry settings by glue or mechanically or set in castings.

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