DURA Thread

Fresh from the UK! Available in two sizes in black and white it’s touted to be the latest great beading thread. 
Thread, crafted differently…

DURAThread™ is a new beading thread to the market, developed by industry insiders to offer an affordable yet industry-level quality product for both hobbyist and business owners alike.
Said to be better with crystals than Fireline, has a silky hand too. 
• Near Zero Stretch
• Super Abrasion Resistance, Great for working with sharp edged beads such as Delicas and Crystals, QuadCore 4 Strand Braid Technology – soft, strong and flexible,
• 0.08mm Diameter (fits size 10 and 12 beading needles),
• 2.7kg (6lb) Break Strength.
• Not Pre-Waxed (can be used straight from the spool or waxed as required)
Like Smoke Fireline you’ll find that the colour from Black DuraThread does rub off on your fingertips as you bead, however it quickly washes off with soap and water. For this reason we do not recommend using black DuraThread with pale coloured beads.

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