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These are great beads. They provide a very elegant tone to a ..
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Many thanks for your professionalism and quick response with my order and updating me throughout the...

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  Top » CDS » Shopping at Bello Modo!
Shopping at Bello Modo!

We want to assist you to experience the most enjoyable and smooth shopping experience possible while you are on our web site. Over the course of time, we will update this page with more and better solutions as to how to utilize our site.


It is always best to Sign-in to your account before you begin shopping so that you are shopping more securely, and faster. 

Signing in gives you access to your Wish List, where you can store products you are considering. They will stay there until you either purchase them by clicking on Add to Cart or until you delete them. This is a very handy feature, as you can store and remove things at will. This will save time and make your shopping experience more fun and functional. 


Signing in also makes checkout go faster as you can save and access an address book, a very easy feature to use, so that you can just select your shipping and billing addresses easily, without having to constantly re-enter them. You have an address book with your account, and can store up to five addresses in it. This makes celecting an address to ship to during checkout much easier. 


Our site is a lot like a giant file cabinet. First, look to the left-hand side of the page and you will see the main menu, a column of categories. Each category in the main column has a type of product stored, or linked inside of it. When you click on it, the "file" opens and usually, there will be more "files", also referred to as "Icons", inside. Click on them to open and view what's inside. Once finished you can click on the back button or the home button to start over with a different category.


The 'Swarovski Elements' file is a good example. Inside you will find files for the different sub-categories, such as: 'Beads', 'Pendants', 'Components', 'Vintage', etc. Each of these "files" opens and inside are more files. If you chose the 'Beads' file then inside will be all the types of beads such as 5328 Bicones, 5000 Rounds, 5601 Cubes, etc. When you click on these files you will find a list of all the sizes of that style of bead that we carry. Once you choose the size you want to look at, click on the icon and it will open up to the list of what colors we offer in that style (Bicones, etc) in that size. You can then scroll the list to find the one you are interested in.


Once you find one you want to know more about click on either the picture or name and the description will enlarge, you will get more information, as well as the Discount Schedule. The Detail page has a tab you can click on for additional pictures, and more info. The discount schedule will be at the bottom of the description, and you can often click on the picture to get a bigger view some of the time.


To order the product, look to the lower right hand side of the product information and you will see a place to click on that says 'Add to Cart'. You can change the number in the box from 1 to any number of the product that you want to order. You will see the discount schedule just above so that you can make a choice about quantity based on the best price. Please note that any order for a large quantity of an item may well result in the order being a backorder. We will need extra time to get the product in for you. Please allow an additional week plus or minus to fill larger orders, or call or email to inquire about our stock level. 360-357-3443 or


And, no matter where you are, backing up by using the back button takes you back through the system, back to the products page or you can just click on a link in the Categories list in the column on the far left if you wish to leave the folder entirely. And finally, you can always click on the word Home on the bar under the logo to return to the home page. Sometimes I find this helpful if I am done in the category I am in and want to look for a new folder, it's easier to start with a fresh screen. 


Another way to more quickly find something you are looking for is to do a Quick Search. Just enter the name, or part of the name or product number, (ex: Delica's have numbers, so if you enter db455 you will get every Delica with 455 in the code.) and click on Search and you will find a list of products that have the information you typed in included in the name or product code of the product you are looking for. The Quick Search Box is in the upper left corner of the Home or Top page. When you find the product you want click on the 'Add to Cart' button. Then you can continue shopping in this manner until you are ready to checkout. Another example of an easy search is to enter a color name such as Blueberry. Everything with the word Blueberry in its title will show up and this can be a quick way to find matching styles.


Once you are ready to checkout click on Checkout and proceed:


Our checkout process has recently changed, so the first thing you will see is the Delivery Information. If your shipping address is showing as the chosen one to the right then you can continue on to Shipping Method, but if not click on Change Address and either enter a new address or select one that is in the list.


Next is the Shipping Method. Select from the list the method of shipping you prefer. Add any comments you might need to or want to make and then click on continue.


The next page is the Payment Information page. The first thing you will see is the Billing Address. Make sure that the address showing is the same one that is on the statement for the payment method you have chosen. If you need to add a different address the process is the same as for the Shipping Address. Click on the Change Address button and follow the steps. Once done click on Continue to continue on with the Payment Info page. 


If you have a Gift Voucher, also known as a Gift Certificate, or a Store Credit then the first thing you see will be the statement:


Check to use gift voucher account balance -> 




Check the box to the right of the statement if you want to use the store credit.


The next thing you will see is the Credit Code Box, where you can enter the code you have received for Discounts, promotions, and Gift Certificates. 


Enter the code EXACTLY as printed, do not use caps unless they are used in the code, and please do not enter any spaces that are not in the original code. Then click on REDEEM. Your page will refresh and then you will need to click on Continue at the bottom right of the screen.


Only one code can be used per order.


If you enter two the last one entered will be the one that gets used. Be sure you have clicked on Redeem after you enter the code so the system applies the code.


Next select your method of payment by clicking in the corresponding dot to the payment type. The dot is on the right hand side across for the payment types, so Credit Card, Check or Money Order or Paypal.  you can add any comments you want to make in the comments box and then click on Continue.


This will bring you to the third screen, which is the confirmation page. Here you have to opportunity to change your billing or shipping address, add to or subtract from the number of items in your cart, for example, you might have ordered 2 beads but realized you really wanted 3. Just click on the word Edit, by the Products list and you will be taken to the products detail page where you can change the number of items, or perhaps delete something. Click on UPDATE to save your changes, and click on Checkout and go through the process again.


If you entered a code or credit you will see it being applied in your total, and if it is not applied properly then this is your chance to go back and make sure you either entered the code or checked to credits box. 


Take a moment to review your order. If an item is out of stock you will see it on this page, be aware that if something is out of stock it will take time to get it in if possible. If your order is small we may opt to hold the order until the items on backorder arrive so that we may ship it whole or if it's an item that will take more time to get in we may opt to refund or to call you and suggest a sub.


Now, click on Confirm at the bottom of the page to be taken to the payment page.


Please Note: When you place an order, your card is charged at the time of submittal.


Your credit card number will not be saved, and this is for your safety. Saving your number makes your card more vulnerable so we ask that you re-enter it each time you make a purchase. All credit card numbers are scrambled and sent to the processor directly, making shopping at Bello Modo much more secure than at sites that store and transmit the number from their own computers.


Saving credit card numbers is a very unsafe procedure and can result in credit card theft. We don't want any part of that sort of thing and have chosen this method to make things as secure as possible. The only down side to doing it this way is if a refund or credit is required we will incur a small fee for doing so. For that reason we have opted to add a credit to your store account for any credit due under $5.00. Over $5.00 we will refund the money to your payment method.


You will receive a confirmation notice in your email about this order. You can also find your order in Order History in your account. The tracking number will be stored there also.


Please let us know if we can assist in any way. The best method to contact us is through our support service. Email: with any questions or concerns. We welcome your comments and critiques about the website and our service as well.


Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience while at Bello Modo more enjoyable, we appreciate your visit and your business!


Best regards,

Pam and crew