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  Top » Catalog » TierraCast Info » TierraCast Keepsake Collection Tips, Hints, Answers
TierraCast Keepsake Collection Tips, Hints, Answers by Bello Modo

Keepsake Collection: 
What You Need to Know

How deep are the TierraCast™ picture frames?

What’s the best glaze to use?
For ease and speed of use, Rangers Glazes, Matte, Sepia, Glossy and Crackle.  For designers with more
time on their hands, or while working with materials printed with water soluble inks, we recommend EnvironTex Lite®
High Gloss Finish varnish.

How do I glue materials to the picture frames?
For paper and other thin inserts, a small amount of Ranger glaze adhesive works perfectly. Just remember to let it dry.
For larger materials like buttons, E6000 or GS Hypo Cement is a better choice.
How much glaze should I apply?
Less is more. Apply the glaze in successive thin layers if you
would prefer a more dimensional finish.
I’ve just applied a thick layer of glaze and the result looks very cloudy. What’s going on?
You’ve probably put too much glaze on the picture frame. Don’t worry though. It might take a while to dry,but it will clear up as it dries.
How do I avoid bubbles in my glaze?
Squeeze a little glaze on a scrap of paper to release any bubbles from the nose of the applicator bottle, then apply with
steady pressure. If you still find bubbles, pop them with a dry paint brush or a tooth pic.
My paper insert is discoloring on the edges. Why?
Sometimes the glaze will react to the antiquing on our copper finish components. Applying thin layers of glaze, as well as
using coated paper can help lessen the effect.
I am having trouble cutting out exact shapes for the picture frames. Any suggestions?
Sure. Contact us and we’ll send you a complimentary template that makes using our picture frames a snap!
What sort of things go well in TierraCast picture frames?
Just about anything of the appropriate size can be used. You’re really only limited by your imagination. Buttons, textiles, old
family photos, scrapbook paper, game pieces, and yes, even pewter beads from TierraCast.
Why aren’t the silver and gold plated picture frames antiqued on the front?
We chose not to antique these finishes because there was no way to avoid getting the antiquing inside the frame, which did
not look attractive.
What kind of crystals fit in TierraCast glue-ins?
Our new glue-in components were engineered to hold Swarovski® SS09 (2.6mm) flatback crystals.  Also, 14mm Square Rings fit is some of the frames.
How long does the glaze take to dry?
If you apply the glaze thinly as suggested, pieces can be handled in less than 2 hours. If you apply too much at once,
the glaze can take as long as 2 days!
Can I use designs, photos, etc printed from my ink jet printer?
Our favorite glazes are water-based and will often cause bleeding on images from ink jet printers. However, materials
printed on a laser printer work well. If you must use an ink jet printer, then apply a slow drying epoxy-based resin, such as
the Environtex as your glaze.

What’s the easiest way to apply the crystals?
We recommend the wax-tipped Beadsmith Jewel Setter. Crafty jewelry makers can also make their own applicator by rolling
a ball of wax on top of a tooth pic. Any residue left on the component can be easily removed with a cotton swab.
What glue works best for the glue-ins?
For ease of application and long-term solidity of the bond, we recommend G-S Hypo Cement. Super glue is not a good choice.


This article was published on Wednesday 17 September, 2008.
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